Eco-friendly and plastic free - keeping pollution out of the sea

We are committed to only using traditional hand screen printing techniques and only using vegan water-based inks - NEVER VINYL OR PLASTISOL. All our apparel is ethically and sustainably sourced, and the majority is constructed from 100% organic cotton or recycled polyester.


A man with a beard wearing glasses and a grey fisherman beanie hat.


Our Waves & Wild Water collection of eco-friendly hoodies and t-shirts are the perfect blend of style and sustainability!

With colours and designs inspired by the vastness of the sea and the allure of the water, our hand printed clothing symbolises our love for wild swimming and sea dipping adventures. 💙

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Waves & Wild Water

Our signature Waves & Wild Water collection offers a gorgeous selection of wild swimming and sea dipping inspired hoodies and tees - AND they're organic, ethical and sustainable!

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Seaside Rock!

Inspired by music and lyrical life mottos, our Seaside Rock t-shirts bring classic tunes, eco-friendly t-shirts, and wild swimming together.

Calling all wild swimmers, sea dippers, and open water enthusiasts who, like us, believe every water-based adventure should have a soundtrack! 🎵

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"I'm happy out here! Messy hair, sandy feet, and wild water on my skin. Out here, swimming with the wild things - this is where I belong..."

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    Follow our journey as we navigate through life after the RAF, moving to our 'forever' home by the sea with two autistic children and a couple of mer-dogs, and the inspiration behind the Waves & Wild Water brand 🌊

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    Join me as I train to be a Cold Water Therapist and a member of the Complementary Medical Association. Follow my blog as I share interesting facts and top tips regarding the world of cold water 💦💙

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  • Our printing ink is water based and Soil Association Organic approved.

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  • Our cottons and inks are Global Organic Textile Standard approved.

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  • We only use Global Recycled Standard approved recycled textiles.

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  • None of our products have been tested on animals or contain animal derivatives.

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  • We only work with suppliers who respect and treat their workforce fairly.

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  • All our packaging is either recycled or can be recycled. We never use plastics

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