Soil Association Organic Standard

The Soil Association Organic Standard is a set of guidelines that must be followed by farmers, growers, and food producers to ensure that their products are organic and meet certain environmental and ethical standards. The Soil Association developed the world’s first organic standards in the 1960s and has been working to promote organic farming and food production ever since. 

The European Union’s organic regulations sets out the minimum requirements for organic farming and food production. However, the Soil Association goes beyond these minimum requirements and has additional standards in place to ensure that its licensees meet strict environmental, animal welfare, and human health standards.

The Soil Association Organic Standard covers a wide range of areas, including farming and growing, food and drink, aquaculture, seaweed, forestry, wood, and paper, health and beauty, and textiles. 

Waves & Wild Water only print with Permaset water based, chemical free ink - which has been approved and certified by the Soil Association Organic Standard.

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Permaset Soil Association Approval Letter 2023