Pink Moons & Wetsuits

When I used to picture our future forever home, I’ll be honest, it never had wetsuits hanging on the washing line – but then I did always imagine us living in the woods! However, our first family foray into the sea involving full body immersion earlier this month, prompted me to hurriedly find a little more protection for the children, especially as they were determined to go into the sea in hoodies!

Before moving to Wales, I often swam in the Thames in the winter – sometimes questioning my life choices as I de-iced the car to drive to the river, but I never failed to get in once I was there. I had participated in cold water training, swam outdoors on a regular basis, and was used to the dropping temperatures - wearing nothing but a swimsuit, booties, and a hat. My children though, have slightly less flesh on their bodies than me, and the cold sea water has been hampering their enjoyment of an activity that I really want them to love as much as I do – so I bought them wetsuits!

Typically, the weather turned glorious and unseasonably warm just as the wetsuits arrived, but the sea is still pretty cold, and the wetsuits have been gratefully received.

Meanwhile, I think full moon high tide swims are becoming my new addiction! The month started with another whopper – this time the Pink, or Paschal Moon, causing a high tide of almost 8.5 metres, and I fully embraced the opportunity for more wave jumping!

Although the days have been getting warmer, the full moon dip was freezing! And I while I have never worn a wetsuit, I will admit to wearing a rash vest over my swimsuit for a little extra protection... But once I was in, the water was wonderful! I have never regretted an open water swim, regardless of the weather or the temperature - and this month’s full moon swim was followed by fat hoodies and beanie hats, and hot chocolate and cake, so that’s definitely a win in my eyes!

(You can get your own heavy knit beanie hat by clicking on the link)

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